Print your boarding passes

It had been about a year since I had flown to the US from Terminal three in Toronto. A lot has changed since the last time I flew as I found out a few weeks ago.

The taxi pulled up to the drop off points in terminal three at the US departures door for WestJet and some other airlines. I got out and walked inside. There was a lot of construction and temporary walls around the terminal but I did see the kiosks for the US check in so I proceeded to the area.  No more counters in this area – just kiosks do it yourself. Print your boarding passes, get your baggage tags and proceed to customs.

There was a staff person from American there asking a simple question, are you flying to the US? Yes, great proceed to print your boarding passes and baggage tags, which I did with ease.

Once passes were printed and bag tagged I went to stand against the wall to wait for my friend. What I witnessed for the next 15 minutes could have been something out of a Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy Kimmel or SNL skit.

us1Picture this airport rep standing in front of this sign. There is a huge sign hanging from above which also says, US departures. There are hundreds of people wandering around dragging their bags in tow looking like they are in a zombie apocalypse movie.

“Are you going to the US ma’am” says the rep. “I am, uh, going to Vegas” so yes, check in here at the kiosk.

“Are you going to the US sir”says the rep. “I am going to Vancouver” so no, check in down at the other end.

This went on and on with almost every person walking through the terminal. I just stood there watching her ask everyone the same question and their dumbfounded looks as they answered her. People holding their boarding passes in their hands yet didn’t know where they were going. She just kept smiling, directing the lost to their found place in the airport. Smiled all the way through each person’s redundant questions and comments about where they should be and convinced they are going to Calgary with WestJet and should check in at the US kiosks.The best was the man looking for the Air Canada counter. When she told  him he was at the wrong terminal and he said, “how do  I get there”. With a smile she said, “you need to take the tram to terminal one”.

I kept chatting with her and said she deserves a medal for her efforts. She said she worked for American for years.

Then my friend arrived and said she was dropped off at the other end of the airport and had to walk through. Proceeded to baggage drop off and away we went. Until we hit the customs line. Thankfully I finally have my Nexus card. Can`t wait until I can use that for the first time.