The Importance of reading emails

If your inbox is anything like mine (both personal and professional) you may be thinking on a regular basis, how do I get through all the email? What is considered junk and what needs to be read and kept and what can be read and deleted.

When you make an online purchase you are normally sent an email after completion confirming your purchase and all the details. I would suspect you would want to review it just confirm that all the details are correct, because if they are not, you have a very short window to make corrections to your order. This holds true for a travel purchase.

Case in point.

Back in June a client made a booking to Las Vegas. She had been looking between the Hard Rock and the Excalibur. She confirmed prices on the Excalibur and then went to price out the Hard Rock. She decided she wanted to book the Excalibur and proceeded to book the package. No brainer, right? Not quite.

The system needs a ‘refresh’ or it won’t go back to the original price and you end up purchasing the last item on your screen. This doesn’t only apply to travel as I have ended up with an extra item or two on my Best Buy order a couple of times.

She did receive a confirmation email about a minute after she booked the trip, followed by the agency invoice the next day. When did she decide to read the invoice and see that she booked the wrong hotel – one month later! The only reason she noticed the error was because she called the Excalibur to request a room next to her friends and they said she wasn’t booked there. That prompted her to look at the invoice and then call us freaking out that WE booked her at the wrong hotel. How could WE book the wrong hotel when you made the booking yourself. Of course to change it to the Excalibur now was going to cost her extra money. Money she felt she shouldn’t have to pay.

That led into no less than five conversations back and forth regarding the fact that she would never have booked the Hard Rock, it isn’t on the strip, I always book with your company, and this has never happened. I received a copy of her booking confirmation which is date and time stamped. When I sent it to her I asked if she received that as well as our invoice to which she replied, “yes, but I always book with you so why do I need to check it”. Well, because for this exact reason. I told her if you had reviewed your confirmation and your invoice on the date it was sent you would have seen the incorrect hotel and we would have been able to change it for you without any incident and probably without change fees.

She was not happy with that answer and said she would phone the tour operator herself. I suppose she didn’t get the answer she thought she would get and called me back the next day to pay for the change to the correct hotel. Once I made the change for her I asked her to review the email and confirm with me right away if she had any concerns about anything.

I can’t stress enough about the importance of going over all your details, regardless if you book on-line or with an agent. Any errors can cause a lot of grief down the road and closer to departure when availability can really become an issue. What would have happened if the Excalibur was sold out a month later when she called? She would have been staying at a different hotel than her friend and really unhappy. In this case she would have been 100% responsible for her end result.

It really is buyer beware so buyers – be aware.

If you want to speak to an experienced trained and certified professional I am always here for you.