Travelling with technology

I have to say I have come a long way in a short period of time with many things….and technology is one of them.

I remember when I first starting blogging it was March 2009. I was in the airport waiting to meet a friend in New Orleans, and I had so many thoughts in my head and not even a note pad to write anything down. I didn’t have a smart phone at the time, I didn’t have a laptop (still don’t), or an Ipod. At that time, it was me and my old flip Nokia phone and my point and shoot digital camera.

Oh, how things have changed in three short years.
I was starting to get things organized for my trip to Hawaii and realized now, that travelling has become me and my entourage of technology!
I didn’t have an IPod three years ago. I think I had a very small MP3 player. Since then I had an old generation 8GB touch, which I filled up with 1100 songs and had no more space for apps. The old one didn’t have a camera. It had all the capabilities for wifi and stuff like that, but I had no idea how to use it.
Fast forward to today where I have a new generation 32GB touch. WOW – what a difference that makes – over 2000 songs, a camera and now space to add as many ‘apps’ as I want. I need apps for the LONG flight across the US and then to Hawaii (11 hours flying and then connecting times in airports). So, Lisa meet angry birds, simon says, words with friends, family feud, scrabble and more……

Since that trip to New Orleans I have jumped into the world of the DSLR camera. If you have one, you understand me when I say that it is an additional appendage to your body. It has a life of its own – its own camera bag (which really becomes a purse for flying) because you have your carry on and your camera bag.

The bag has lenses, battery charger, and all of that. But wait….there is also the point and shoot small mini camera that fits INTO the purse that is already in your suitcase for evening, or somewhere that you don’t want to shlep the big bag. That also has its own charger, but the camera itself is small so it really isn’t too intrusive to everyday life. Currently I carry tha around in my purse at all times, so I am used to that.

But WAIT….we are going to hopefully go snorkelling in Maui at Molokini crater! That means we need a waterproof camera! Well, of course you can buy disposable cameras which I have done before in Mexico and Bahamas…but WAIT again….last year I won a camera on an online travelocity contest – an Olympus digital camera – which just happens to be WATERPROOF! BUT….I have never used it before and I am not comfortable leaving my Canon powershot at home and taking this one in lieu of it…so do I take THREE cameras on my trip….CRAZY RIGHT???!!!!!
So, now of course I have moved into the smartphone generation. On my trip to New York in December I had my blackberry but didn’t have the phone on because roaming is so expensive. On the day that we were going to the 9/11 memorial we were eating pizza and they had free wi-fi so I turned the phone on and posted some pics on facebook, but that was it.
I have been told by many that you can buy a data package from Rogers or you can ‘unlock’ your phone and buy as pay as you go from where ever you happen to be, and that will save you from all the charges. So…last week while out with my dad I had my phone unlocked. So, I am ready for the phone challenge while travelling abroad.
Which leaves me to the last piece of technology advancement I am about to move into……the ereader/tablet generation. I love to read, and part of what I love about reading is the ACTUAL book – the paper – the feel, etc. BUT…with everything I am now carrying to travel, books are an yet another item to take along – so why not add MORE technology – a tablet size piece of equipment that can carry thousands of books, newspapers, magazines all in 7 inches. RIGHT? Well, sure why not? *LOL*
I haven’t bought one yet, but will by the end of the week. I would love an Ipad, but it is out of my price range right now. I think I will end up with a playbook, but I will keep you all posted on that, as I figure out my next step in technology advancement.
I am not sure if I can live without any one of these items now while travelling. It sounds silly as I write that but, it does seem true in a way:
  • the smartphone generation makes corresponding to others instant – with BBM, Whatsapp, texting, calling and of course posting photos on facebook wherever and whenever you see something interesting.
  • the digital camera era and the advancement of photography really now allows anyone to shoot THE perfect dream shot with a wide range of cameras big and small.
  • the ability to have all your music in one place – leaves nothing left a home – you can listen to whatever genre music you want at any time, without bringing cds with you now, or before that cassette tapes.
  • and lastly, not having to carry books, magazines or newspapers with you again. Think about that, and how amazing that is. Downloading missed seasons of shows or movies to watch on long plane rides. All of that is possible now.
Think about all of that the next time you need to pack for your vacation, business trip, road trip, and maybe my thoughts here today won’t seem as crazy and out of control as you think!
Leave a comment here about what you think you couldn’t leave home without! I would love to know!!!