Sweet intervention

When you go on a holiday you expect to try new things, enjoy a beverage or two and eat des1great food. You will probably do more of the last two than you would at home at any time. Multiply that by going on a cruise, where you can order more than one of anything at any time. That all adds up to potential trouble as well as pounds on the scale.

I recently went with a group of friends on cruise. One of the folks in my group admitted to me that there was about 10 extra pounds on the scale upon returning home. I have read many articles that said that people can put on between 7 – 10 pounds on a one week cruise.

It is not hard to get caught up in the food frenzy on a cruise. It is really available 24/7 on the ship, which is different than even on an all inclusive where there are set time for breakfast, lunch, dinner and maybe a late night snack bar which usually isn’t very appetizing. Cruise food will be better than any all inclusive food any day (In my opinion).

Discipline. Self control. Have a plan. All three are something you need to come to the table with when you go on a cruise. It is hard to do. Everything is so tempting and hard to resist.

Much like I think alcohol would be for someone that can’t drink. I am not sure you are des4aware, but there are AA meetings on board cruise ships. If you ever wanted to know what “friends of Bill W” is on your cruise daily calendar, that is what it is. I think it is a good thing that they have it available to those in need.

I was at my doctor today and I was saying that they should have an OA (over eaters anonymous) available on cruise ships as well. Maybe a meeting you could attend to check in before your go to dinner. To just prepare yourself for the choices that lie ahead. Maybe so that you only order one dessert or main course or not to order something from all the courses on the menu. Just like AA it wouldn’t be something that everyone would need or want, but if you do need it (for medical reasons, psychological reasons) it could be there for you.

Maybe it already is, I am not sure. I just looked over all the daily cruise handouts you get every day and didn’t seem to see any code words for a meeting. Maybe I should approach a cruise line with the idea. I wonder if there would be any interest.







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