Starbucks and the Magic Kingdom

mug1It has been a few years since I started collecting Starbucks mugs from the destination I was travelling to. I remember when I heard that they were planning on opening up the chain in the happiest place on earth (AKA Disney World) that I couldn’t wait to get there to get the Magic Kingdom mugs.

My cupboard is already pretty full and not just of Starbucks mugs. Back in the day when Disney movies were released on VHS tapes (yes, remember those?) I used to buy two VHS tapes (one to open one to save for ‘selling’ later in life) and a matching mug from the movie. I digress.

Fast forward to my visit to the parks this past November. We arrived at the Magic Kingdom and started to walk down main street to the castle. I asked a cast member where the Starbucks was. Right there on your right ma’am. Off I went. I figured it get the mug now and then I don’t have to worry about it.

If you are familiar with Main Street USA you know that all the buildings are decorated like small town USA. Inside the Starbucks it looks like your everyday location. I picked up the mug2Magic Kingdom mug and started to chat with this guy. I said to him, “I wonder if they have for all the parks?”. He said, of course they do. I said, great show me the other mugs. Nice try you novice (said to self). You have to visit each park to get the specific mugs. Damn you Disney geniuses, making us go to all four parks to get four collector mugs.

I wasn’t going to buy more than one mug. I swear I wasn’t. Two days later we were at Hollywood Studios and we were so busy I didn’t have time to think about where the Starbucks was. We left there and went over to Epcot. When it was time to leave there and go back to the Magic Kingdom I was content with my one mug….until….I saw a lady walking with a coffee and asked her where the location was. Of course it was on our way to the monorail. I had to go in, just to look I said to my friend (and myself).

mug3Walked into the location and low and behold there was a beautiful Epcot mug. I couldn’t resist. The colour scheme was purple and blue. The inside of mug was purple, I was one.

Disney Mugs – 2 Lisa – 0. Disney wins.

I love my mugs, all of them. I don’t have a lot of space in my condo for more mugs, but I don’t think I will stop buying from my travel experiences. They bring back so many great memories.

What do you collect from your travels? I would love to hear from you.


2 thoughts on “Starbucks and the Magic Kingdom

  1. Those Disney Starbucks mugs are awesome! My husband and I have a collection of Starbucks mugs from different cities, but we had no idea about the WDW versions. Thanks for sharing, I now know what our next trip souvenir will be!

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