What’s for dinner? – South Florida Edition


I think by now we can all agree that the new “Social” world we live in today connects us all in ways that we never thought about before. Whether you promote your business for potential new clients, or you share photos of your children, home renovations and of course the ever popular #foodporn.

Yes, food photos are like a double edge sword. Some love them and some love to hate them. I am one who loves them. As a “foodie” I enjoy eating great looking food, as well as looking at where (and what) my friends are enjoying.

This holds true from a travelling perspective. I love when people who are travelling post photos of the food they are eating and the places that they are eating it. That is what this post is about.

A friend spent the month of March in Florida. She is very active on Facebook with her 10671274_10155375174420192_2528062615852755452_n#foodporn and after a week or so, I actually started to make a list of the places that she was eating it. Every day, a new food photo from a new restaurant. It was like watching a Food Network show, waiting for her to post from her next spot on what I started to call the “food tour of South Florida”.

You will want to keep this post handy, either bookmarked or printed, for all the restaurant options.

Just to re-cap this is a portion of my friend’s restaurant list from her extended March vacation to Florida:

DiSalvos Pizza – http://www.disalvospizza.com/ (Hollywood)

Il Gabbiano – http://ilgabbianomia.com/ (Miami)

The Rustic Inn – http://arkrestaurants.com/rustic-inn-fort-lauderdale/ (Ft. Lauderdale)

Osteria Del Teatro – http://osteriadelteatromiami.com/ (Miami)

Serendipity 3 – Lincoln Road, Miami

Mo’s Bagels and Deli – http://mosbagelsdeli.eat24hour.com/ (Miami)

Mario the Baker – http://www.mariothebakerpizza.com/ (Miami)

Bagel Cove Restaurant and Deli – http://www.bagelcove.com/home.html(Aventura)

Flashback Diner – http://flashbackdiner.com/ (Boca Raton, Ft. Lauderdale, Davie)

Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza – https://acfp.com/ (Ft. Lauderdale)

Sushi Room – http://www.sushiroomfl.com/restaurant/(Hollywood)

Tom Jenkins BBQ – http://tomjenkinsbbq.net/ (Ft. Lauderdale)

Nexxt Café – http://nexxtcafe.com/ (Lincoln Road, South Beach)

Chill ‘n’ Ice Cream (Nitrogen Ice Cream)  – http://chillnicecream.com/ (Aventura)

Jaxon’s Ice Cream Parlour – http://jaxsonsicecream.com/ (Dania Beach)

I think there are only two things left to say:

Are you hungry yet?

When are we leaving?

I would love to hear your South Florida food spots, please comment at the end of this blog.







One thought on “What’s for dinner? – South Florida Edition

  1. I am obviously no foodie, but Eddie Hills on US 1 in Hallandale Beach has the BEST Sushi/Thai in the area. It doesn’t look like much from the outside, but trust me..it is incredible. http://eddiehills.com BTW…Spot on with Disalvo’s and Anthony’s. Anthony’s makes a cauliflower pizza that we vegetarians go gaga over.

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