What is really going on?

For those of you who may not know, I am on the board at my condo. It is a volunteer position which has very little “gratitude” involved. We attend meetings, make multi-million dollar decisions for the community in which we live in. Being on a voluntary board of any kind is not a small task. You are often questioned about decisions, people knock on your door with questions, people who really shouldn’t have your phone number but do (for other reasons) call to ask you questions. But, I am on the board for many reasons. One of which is to be a part of the process of what goes on in community living.

Our building is not very old, just over eight years to be correct. The builder (as in a lot of cases) did a very “minimal” job with the carpets in our building. We have many pets in our community and within this short period of time, the carpets have been destroyed. If you have come to visit me, you may have noticed while walking down the hall.

So, as the board we had to interview design firms and choose one to work with. We did that.

We also went and toured several other sites with the pending teams to see their work in person and not just in a power point presentation. We did that.

We went through several months of carpet samples, wall paper samples, colour schemes to come up with two options to present to the community. Last night was the presentation meeting to show them the concept boards and samples.

If you live in a condo, or ever attend any types of community meetings you know how they go. It is like the 80/20 rule. Twenty percent of the people cause 80% of the trouble. No different here. But for me, last night, was more personal.

In light of the recent bullying I was talking about a few weeks ago, my senses are heightened and I am much more aware of how people speak to others. I can’t understand it.

Our board president spoke eloquently and passionate about the building. That we need this renovation and the process that we took as the board to get us to that night. She introduced the designer to the group of residents in the room. She started her presentation.

She really couldn’t even get through the presentation to showcase the true beauty of what we all had chosen for the building. She was berated, yelled at, questioned and I do not like to overuse this word, but abused by total strangers.

Towards the end of the meeting, I actually had to step in and stop the meeting. I told her to step aside. I said to the residents, that the meeting will not continue if you continue to be abusive and rude to our guest. That was the end of the formal meeting. But it didn’t end there.

One of the men came up to me and started in on me. He actually said, “I don’t believe you did…” I called over the designer and said, this man just called me a liar, would you care to tell him what actually happened. He said, I never called you a liar. I replied, “you said you didn’t believe me” it is the same thing.

I live in this community. Communities are made up of different groups of people, from different countries, different socio-economic backgrounds, and everything in between, but there seems to be a lack of the basics I am finding, on a more general level in today’s world. People have less patience, more “balls” to say whatever is on their mind without any thought of recourse. People are rude and abusive daily, from my recent experiences.

I can go on and on about this but I am not going to. I think I will leave it with one final thought. We don’t always hear the answers we want to hear, or accept the options provided, or feel that maybe we weren’t heard. Life is not black or white, it is probably at least fifty shades of grey. If everyone took a breath BEFORE they spoke, or replied, or commented on something, and thought about that, maybe there would be less verbal abuse in our communities today.

Something to think about as you all start your day today.